2D GRAPHICS ART is the most intrinsic part of Graphics Design. It can be used at every aspect of developing digital product. Even in Print media 2D Graphics is widely used over the decades. From paper back to application design, where ever we step in, the 2D Graphics becomes an essential part and parcel of whole business. So there is an immense scope of career opportunity for 2D Graphics Artist all the time.

What Is 2D Graphics Art?

2D graphics models may combine geometric models (also called vector graphics), digital images (also called raster graphics), text to be typeset (defined by content, font style and size, color, position, and orientation), mathematical functions and equations, and more. These components can be modified and manipulated by two-dimensional geometric transformations such as translation, rotation, scaling.

  • 90+ Hours of Live Class per month
  • 1+ Certificates
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 4+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Study Material ( PDF+Video)
  • 1 Brand Projects
  • Hands on Live Project
  • 12th Standard
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Having Art Background will be extra advantage
4 Months
Module 1- Visual CommunicationModule 2- Composition Rules and Techniques Module 3- Color Palette Module 4- Tools and Techniques of Vector Art Module 5- Tools and Techniques of Raster Art Module 6- Raster to Vector Conversion and vice versa Module 7- Texture art Module 8- Matte Painting techniques Module 9- Typography and Iconography Module 10- Logo Design Techniques Module 11- Layout Design for Web page and Application
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Various Online tools
  • Adobe XD
You can get following Certificates after completion of this course:
  • Certificate on 2D Digital Art

Benefits of Learning
UI and Graphics Design

You will have complete training and experience in Interaction design, Layout design, Product Design, and as well as component-level design, and so-called Graphics Design. 

  • You will have a lot more Industry Exposure.
  • For any kind of digital product this 2D Graphics and UI
    is very much required.
  • You don’t have any dependency on Graphics Designer.
  • Independently you can design digital products.

Whom do we train?

Our “2D Graphics Art” course is the best choice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in 2D Graphics designing. Anyone fascinated by the design processes in the digital world or interested in developing their Graphics Art skills can join our program.
We recommend our program for:

Different Verticals of 2D GRAPHICS ART

Raster Drawing

Raster graphic is used to represent a two-dimensional image as a grid of square pixels

Vector Drawing

Vector graphics are created using path drawing which forms lines and shapes on 2D canvas.

Photo Retouch

Digital photos are edited with a range of photo touchup tools to transform your portraits and photos

Print Media

2D Graphics Artists are highly valued in Print Media because of their skill to make creatives

GUI Support

2D Graphics Art is required for supporting GUI Design i.e. web page, application

Concept Art

Concept art, which is used in versatile digital platform is created by 2D Grap

Why Choose Doon Digital Gurukul for 2D Graphics Art Course?

2D Graphics Art is the most important design vertical over the decades. Doon Digital Gurukul launched this course for the benefit of students, who wants to switch their career in 2D Graphics. Our course helps students to shape up their skills in such a way so that they can make creatives based on their own innovative concepts of their own effort only. Doon Digital Gurukul is a bit different from other institutes because here you will be able to learn directly from Industry Professionals, who have many years of experience in their own vertical.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects

In India, 2D Graphics Artists can earn between Rs 20,000 to 80,0000 per month, with experience and skill. Due to high demand of 2D Graphics Artists in the market, your job opportunity becomes 100%, once you will successfully complete this course from Doon Digital Gurukul.

Today every business/company has its website, web page, and other online and offline presence which is the face of its brand, products, and services. However, how aesthetic or eye-catching they want their online face to be, the users must get a completely flawless experience.

Career as 2D Graphics Artist is in high demand as-


How do I become a 2D Graphics Artist?

You have to increase observation power. When ever you will see your surroundings, you should try to collect the reference from real world i.e. shapes, intensity of light, highlights, mid tones and shadows, colors and moods. Finally you should try to implement all those parameters and create something

To become a 2D Graphics Artist is this mandatory having art background?

No, degree or diploma on Art is not mandatory. But of Course you will get the advantage, once you join the course of 2D Graphics Artist. You should have passion of art.

  1. Communicating better with the developer hence better outcome
  2. It is a great addition to an individual’s skill set, perfect for settings where one has to don multiple hats.
What does 2D Graphics Artist do?

2D Graphics Artists are working in Multi-Disciplinary fields like Print Media, Online Brand Promotion, Animation, Web Promotion, Online Marketing, Gaming Industry and so on. The basic job roles are as follows

  • Component Level Design
  • Concept Art
  • Making creatives for any kind of Promotional Job.
  • Texture and Background art
What skills do 2D Graphics Artist need?
  • Good creative visualization
  • Basic drawing skill with color sense
  • Good observation power
  • Command over graphic designing and other relevant tools
  • Passion of Art

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